5 Delish Sunday Brunch Dishes

written by AditiK on Oct 12th, 2017

‘To have a Sunday brunch is to be fashionable’ is an adage that is not too far away from being coined. The fancy meal has its roots in Victorian era England which saw it as the perfect cure for Saturday night hangovers, and gradually became an inevitable part of the fashionable London royalty. Ladies would dress with a tote bag by their side for the laidback feast, and bathe in the cosy afternoon sun as fluffy pancakes, waffles with maple syrup, roasted potatoes, and refreshing cocktails made their way to the table.
Brunches have always held more meaning than what the portmanteau of ‘breakfast’ and ‘lunch’ would suggest. They provide you with an opportunity to unwind over delectable food, and in their extremely modern day avatar, they enable you to socialise with your friends on a lazy Sunday. Here are five scrumptious Sunday brunch dishes to utterly delight you:

1. Banana Pancakes

Dollops of maple syrup upon pancakes oozing with vanilla essence and wholesome banana flavouring…you can never go wrong with your brunch if you have banana pancakes on your plate. The fluffy golden brown dish is immensely satisfying to have when you’ve just woken up late in your striped tee, and the Sunday sun is at its peak.

You can never go wrong with your brunch if you have banana pancakes on your plate
You can never go wrong with your brunch if you have banana pancakes on your plate

2. South African Bunny Chow

If you have gathered at a café with your gang on a lazy afternoon, and the café has the South African Bunny Chow on its menu, then you are in for a treat! It combines chicken curry with bread or bun, and finds its way into your heart through your taste buds fervently.

3. Coffee-flavoured Belgian Waffles

Yes, you love your waffles! But coffee-flavoured Belgian waffles is another prospect altogether. This brunch specialty is definitely not to be missed! Relish the chocolaty goodness of this scrumptious meal with lots and lots of whipped cream, and satiate your sweet tooth like never before.

4. Omelette with Bacon, Mushrooms and Ricotta

When the humble omelette marries bacon, mushrooms and ricotta, you’ll know something sophisticated is in the making. The alluring aroma of the dish will waft through the air and when it hits your nostrils, you will know paradise. If you are hosting a brunch get together, this is how you impress your guests.

5. Fresh Fruit Parfait

What starts well should end well, and the same goes for your brunch. The fresh fruit parfait combines fresh fruits, yogurt, ice-cream, and nuts to conclude your summer meal with a final flourish.
Bon appétit!