Weekend getaway

written by Cover Story on Aug 11th, 2017 under Fashion Trending

Weekend getaways are an essential part of every workaholic’s life today. A quick breather now and then does wonders, away from the city and its monotony. But with just a couple of days to spare, can you really experience your destination and all it has to offer?

Pack light

You think you’ll need three dresses a day and matching shoes to go, but really, you don’t. Pack smart— essentials only. Your getaway needs no more than a few dresses, a jumpsuit and a pair of denims. Pack flats or sneakers—shoes you can walk around in but are also stylish. Keep your cosmetic kit light too! This way you have more space in your bag for all the shopping you’ve indulged in on your trip.

Explore the streets

Though the plush hotel bed refuses to let go of you, remember you’ve not travelled to catch up on sleep. Skip the hotel buffet breakfast and lunch, and dive into the core culture of your destination. The heart of every city, town and village lies in its streets— food, shopping, art et all.

Experience how locals live and experience the destination’s raw appeal; street food, thrift shopping, spice markets, antiques—whatever the spot is well known for. A souk, a bazaar, a riverside market; the secret to a good trip lies in local streets and markets.

Even on a long weekend, time feels like a luxury. Here’s how to make the most of your short excursion, domestic or international—

Pick Local Transport

Trams and Tuk-Tuk’s are always better than calling an Uber. Convenient and cost effective— local transportation allows you a peak into the area’s inner circle. Local rides are fun too, you get to see shortcuts, converse with drivers and city/town locals, it’s an easy way to breathe in a bit of culture. You also want to learn a few basics as far as language and local etiquette are concerned—just saves you from a faux pas situation.

Put Your Phone Away

Facebook check- in’s, Instagram stories and Snapchats—all these apps make sure your friends know you are having fun, but are you? Travelling is a lot more fun when you savour each moment by yourself. Though pictures and videos help immortalize the experience, ensure you don’t spend all your time on your phone.