These Food trends are Sweeping the Internet

written by Alpa Sasidharan on Aug 16th, 2017

Food trends are creating new waves on social media. Instagram is one such platform where avid food bloggers, chefs, culinary artists/artisanal or food lovers like you and I, gather and share their love for food. This trend has caused frenzy amongst food enthusiasts who await new recipes to savour through their days. From binge eating, to vegan diets to healthy soul foods and desert craving, you can also bump into a lot of celebrities participating in this fiesta. As one trend comes along, another sweeps through the internet. But there are a few trends that are here to stay. They have not only topped the nutrition chart this year, but also broken away from the traditional eating habits. Here are a few food trends that you should incorporate in your daily diet to attain a healthy body.


A traditional Mexican fruit, avocados can be consumed in various forms. One of the healthiest and delicious ways is to eat them with toast. Sleek chopped pieces of avocado, neatly arranged on a sesame/multigrain toast sprinkled with salt and pepper is the most nutritious choice of eating. A dip of salsa by the side is all you need to spice up your taste buds. Another popular trend with this fruit is avocado bun. Yes, you heard it right! Traditional burger buns are being replaced with avocados. While they look visually appealing, this is one trend which will have to stand the test of time. If you want a gluten free burger then this is a must try for you.

If your mornings call for a sweet start, then simply spread protein and fibre rich avocado jam on your toast to complement your cup of coffee. Apart from avocados another fruit jam that is making it big this year is blueberries. Filled with antioxidants and Vitamin C, they offer great health benefits. Blueberries are widely being used in baked deserts, cocktails, bagels, yogurt and as porridge toppings.

With these exciting food trends this year, 2017 is paving way for people to cultivate new food habits - tastier and definitely healthier.

Sea Vegetables:

There has been an exponential rise in the consumption of sea vegetables as well. And this is now a major food trend. This healthy food is no longer considered as a side order, but is cherished as a main course meal. Brown algae, Wakame, Arame and Kelp comprise these sea vegetables and add to their own unique health benefits. Cooked at home or made to order, these sea vegetables are curated and enjoyed in different forms by people across cultures, making it the healthiest of all food trends.


Gone are the days of saving chocolates as an after meal treat. The emerging health benefits of cocoa are making way for dark chocolates, syrups and sauces. This year is all about starting your day on a healthy and tasty note. Be it with Pancakes topped with chocolate sauce, or fruit smoothies smeared with chocolate syrup. A few artisanal chocolates are prepared using coconut milk or soya milk, giving the traditional dairy milk a passé for a healthy alternative and also making way for vegans to savour chocolates.

With these exciting food trends this year, 2017 is paving way for people to cultivate new food habits - tastier and definitely healthier.