DIY Décor Ideas for your Room

DIY Décor Ideas for your Room

written by PapiyaC on Nov 16th, 2017

Tucked inside your blanket, wearing its homely warmth, do you ever find yourself wondering if you were a cave dweller and this was your abode? Well, step outside and look around. In essence, your room is your world: a space encapsulating everything that makes you ‘you’. Whether it is your favourite striped tee that’s always peeking out of the closet, those five books that you swear by on your bedside table, the guitar dusting away in one little corner, or the secret gap beneath a drawer that no one knows about…the decorum of your room tells your story in more ways than you can imagine.

So, how do you keep adding to your cave in a manner that it paints a vivid picture for every first-time visitor? Well, it’s time to get into the D-I-Y mode. Unleash your creativity with the following simple décor hacks for your room, and be prepared to astonish your friends, family and yourself with the final result:

The Bygone Bed

Imagine walking into your room and being greeted by a bed straight out of an apartment on a London street from the Victorian era! Hang a flowing canopy above your bed and instantly escape into your dreams. Not only does it impart a very vintage look to your room, but also makes your bed oh-so inviting!

The Caveman Clothing Rack

Every room has that unsightly chair with clothes piled up on it. Why not build your own beautiful clothing rack and make the clothe pile vanish forever? Drill holes in 4 sturdy bamboo sticks, cross them and insert a thinner bamboo rod’s ends horizontally. Tie up the joints with knots and glue, and voila! Now you can display your latest off-shoulder jumpsuit with pride!

The Faux Greenery

Always wanted to add a dash of green to your room, but are wary of not being able to take care of the plants? Well, this faux cactus décor is the perfect solution to your woe. Paint smooth pebbles of varying sizes with shades of green and white, and let them sit in flower pots in a serene corner.

Always wanted to add a dash of green to your room, but are wary of not being able to take care of the plants?

The Highway Lights

Lighting can alter the mood of your room drastically. Therefore, instead of opting for the regular bulbs, try string lights to brighten up your space. Spell out a word with them on the wall, twist them into a fancy shape, put them in a clear jar, or simply hang them from one wall to another- the possibilities are endless!

The ‘Quote-of-Arms’

Nope, don’t throw away those old clothes! Cut and stitch them up into banner shapes, and use freezer paper to imprint your favourite quote on the banner.

The Useful Shoebox

Now, for something truly functional-turn your shoebox into a neat charging box by placing a multi-socket inside and arranging the adapters meticulously.

The Photogenic Clothesline

Relive the most amazing moments of your life every day by clipping that photograph collection you have on rope strings. A wall full of this is worthy of a photograph itself, don’t you think?