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Your Everyday Office Wear Hacks

written by Jayati on Oct 04th, 2017 under Fashion Trending

Dressing up well for your office is important. With the daily hustle bustle and round the clock meetings, picking up the perfect attire every day is a hassle. What becomes a dilemma is to choose between comfort and style. Depending on your office culture, you will need to dress appropriately. Dressing up to work or a business meeting can seem like a task but with a few handy tips, putting together a chic look is easy. It is important to strike a balance between being casual and slipping into the boring grey zone. You can always play around with colours and combinations to make work wear fun yet elegant. Our expertise helped us curate a styling guide for your everyday work wear needs. Rest assured. Read on and be ready to take on the day in style.

Fit Matters: Dress according to your body type

It is crucial to wear clothes that fit your body type, because you want to feel confident yet comfortable in your work wear. Remember, you are going to be spending long hours wearing them. Skimpy clothes might get you the wrong attention whereas loose clothes will make you look sloppy and non-serious. Here, you need to draw a fine line.
Wear what suits your body type and that will ultimately make you look good. While pant suits are the most appropriate office wears, you can opt for a well fitted dress and pair it up with a blazer. A-line mid length skirts look best when teamed with fitted tops and blouses. Tuck in the shirt, if you want to highlight your waist line and show the shape of the skirt or simply wear it out to hide that slight paunch. If you prefer to tuck out, make sure that the length of your shirt is not below the waist band. Otherwise, this will make your look slip away into a non-serious zone. While skirts give you a plethora of options to choose from, you should try pleated (maximum 2 pleats) A-line skirts. When you team it up with a peter pan collared shirt and oxford shoes, it would be right to say that you have achieved the perfect look.
Another wardrobe staple is having well-fitted and seamless inner wear to go with your office attire. While taking care of the fit of the dress, make sure the undergarments you choose complement and enhance your over-all look.

It is crucial to wear clothes that fit your body type
It is crucial to wear clothes that fit your body type

Upper wear basics: Pick the right blouses and complement it with blazers/cardigans

The easiest and trickiest pick to complete your office look are Blouses and tops. While it is no longer a norm to wear striped shirts alone, go for bold and bright coloured feminine blouses that compliment your skin tone. You can choose geometric, paisley, polka dot prints apart from pastels and jewel tone. While choosing the sleeve of your blouse, make sure it is fitted and not fluffy. If you are wearing a bold printed lower then go in for a subtle piece of top in pastels or shades of white. When it comes to necklines, stick to turtle necks, boat neck or V-neck and as a thumb rule make sure that it is no lower than 4 inches from your collarbone. Save all the deep necklines for club wears and weekend dressing! Wear pressed tops and blouses or opt for wrinkle free shirts to be on point.
Another important addition to your office wear is blazers and cardigans (for days when the office A/C gives you shudders). Blazers work best with trousers, skirts, and denims. Jeans are not the best office wear outfit but when teamed up with a classic blazer (summer/winter) it takes care of your look. They also work best on days when you are wearing a sheer top. Have camisoles in your wardrobe and wear it under sheer tops for a great layering option.