Hello Spring/ Summer ‘18

Hi girls,
Welcome back to the London Eye!

I’m delighted to introduce myself as the new voice of this blog, bringing you an insider’s track to London – from exploring the latest fashion trends and zeitgeisty styles, to rediscovering that timeless air of British elegance and beauty.

I’ll be mixing my keen passion for fashion, with my love of food and penchant for going out, so you can also expect plenty of tips on the latest and greatest discoveries in this most captivating city. In fact, you might as well bookmark this as your go-to-blog, as it’s definitely one you’ll be drawn back to in the coming weeks…

But first, let’s grab a cuppa and talk seasonal practicalities.

With London in the midst of a pretty-in-pastel spring, my current wardrobe choices are inevitably inspired by the city in bloom.

The Garden Party Collection from Cover Story captures the spirit of the season perfectly, rising to the occasion just as aptly for a tea party al fresco, as for a luxuriously languid Sunday stroll in one of London’s utterly enchanting parks.

I love the elegant simplicity of the collection’s soft, summer shades which percolate across sorbet-like hues, adding a dainty and delicate dimension to your look of the day. Think lilac, lemon sherbet and a pistachio gelato green... Each hue presents a veritable feast for the eyes, almost good enough to eat!

Taking a cue from the ‘30s and ‘40s, the feminine silhouettes inherent across the collection invite a cool sense of comfort too, relying less on ruffles and more on a bias cut and a fabulously floaty fit to have you effortlessly glidingly through a swelteringly hot afternoon…

Of course, the key highlight is the focus on florals interspersed with embroidered birds, insects, butterflies and British garden creatures. A deceivingly-simple black jumpsuit embellished from top-to-toe with the wild-beauty of hand-drawn botanicals, is fast becoming my day-to-night saviour on those days when I’m on-the-go from morning meetings to evening cocktails with the girls…

The true appeal of the collection lies in the effortless elegance each piece evokes, embracing the whimsical air embodied by the season, to add an almost romantic lift to your day. It also brings to mind, those eternal words by Henry James…

“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language."

Until next time,

Ayushi x

Ayushi is a food, fashion and travel writer based in London. You can follow her on Instagram @the_foodiediaries.