How to Nurture Creativity on Weekends

written by Alpa Vira on Sep 20th, 2017

While you’re out there being the boss lady you are, you often forget to invest time in your most important asset – yourself. Giving yourself time and space is not only important for personal growth but also necessary when you’re striving for higher productivity and creativity. Inspirations do not always come naturally, it must be nurtured to ensure that there’s a continuous flow of brand new creative ideas. When you allow yourself to develop the right internal means and external surroundings required for growing your creative side, you begin to notice changes in your overall outlook and attitude towards life.

In order to maintain high motivation levels and avoid the ever-so-often creative blocks, you must find inspiration in your surroundings. For this, you need to identify what pushes you to be a better, more creative version of yourself and use it to your advantage.

As you brace through five whole weekdays to take out time for yourself on the weekend, here are some ideas to make use of this time and indulge in nurturing your creativity:

  1. Find your Motivation

    Over the weekend, find time to do things you enjoy, things that lift your spirit and brighten your day. It’s imperative to find inspiration for you to embrace your creative streak and channel your inner energy. Find out what works best for you and ensure that you surround your self with positive energy. For many, meditation or yoga does the trick like nothing else.

  2. Make yourself feel special

    At least once a week, pamper yourself. Do something to make yourself feel special – be it getting your hands on that new pair of rugged jeans online, devouring that piece of chocolate cake you’ve been craving for or just spending an afternoon gazing at the clouds. It is important to indulge in yourself, in order to calm your mind and get your creative juices flowing.

    If not a habit, try and dedicate some time over the weekend to reading
  3. Read, read and read

    Inculcating the habit of reading regularly is one that will go a long way in exposing you to a wider worldview. It’ll enhance your knowledge, allowing you to think more creatively. If not a habit, try and dedicate some time over the weekend to reading – you could read books, journals, editorials or subscribe to your favourite author online.

In dedicating time to nurture your creativity, you are making an investment with guaranteed returns – positive headspace, a wider outlook and a strong creative inclination. Allow yourself to engage in various activities and experiences; you never know when creativity may strike.