written by Ayushi Gupta on May 20th, 2018

With summer casting its sun-drenched rays upon us, it’s officially time to start prepping for that well-deserved holiday.
For me, the build-up to getting away is quite an exciting process in itself – from planning the itinerary by scouring blogs and travel journals, to mentally packing and unpacking my suitcase numerous times until I’ve narrowed down on the dream vacation wardrobe.

Whether setting off on a city break with family or checking into a villa in Mykonos with friends, here are a few simple rules for perfecting the fine art of packing…


While I’m not the lightest traveller, I do make sure to bring along items that can be doubled up. Think billowy silk shirts which can be worn loose with ripped denim and trainers.

Plain shirt tucked into floral print flared trousers for a languid look.

A soft-hued midi skirt is another essential and can be paired with a simple tee for an afternoon out exploring, or dressed up with a ruffled blouse and heels come cocktail hour!

Don’t forget to throw in a Bardot dress and an embroidered maxi

All you then need is some clever accessorising to tailor a different look for different occasions!


All it takes is one very noticeable crease to ruin an otherwise sleek outfit. Avoid this major faux pas by hanging your silk shirts, dresses and any rumple-prone items on a wire hanger, before pulling one of those plastic bags from your local dry cleaner over the lot of them. Fold the final bundle in half and pack it at the top of your suitcase, making sure to shake and hang it all up as soon as you’ve checked into your room!


An edgy pair of trainers is all you really need on holiday these days, but a pair of sandals never goes amiss. I’m particularly partial to any pair adorned with pompoms or an intricate cut work detail, as they combine comfort with a dash of statement style!

Strappy wedges in a neutral tone, are another essential and work with any of the outfits described above.


This is your time to let your hair down, let loose and relax… so dress in the clothes which make you happy and have you feeling as though you’re on top of the world! You could be sauntering down the most chi chi street in Paris in a casual pair of schiffli shorts or conversely. Ultimately self-confidence is your best outfit. Own it with style!

Find yourself decked up with shimmery sequins in a laid-back beach bar